Cooling it Down || OOTD

Let it be said: I am not a fan of garishly bright pops of colour. My ideal style is simple and clean, businesslike if you will. Think Victoria Beckham type.

If I do want some colour though, I usually opt for solid colours, never patterns and rarely prints. Bags are the exception. The bag I have today is an SPRZNY ANDY WARHOL in partnership with UNIQLO edition from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It was a spontaneous purchase just as I was paying for everything else I wanted, and I haven’t looked back since. It’s a great size; I can fit all of my stuff in it without looking like I’ve kidnapped a small child, but it’s also incredibly comfortable to carry, because it’s made out of thick cotton.

Taken in a practice room at NYU

Because this bag is so vibrant already I decided to tone it down with whites and very light blues for the rest of my outfit. It’s suitable because Beisbane has cooled down quite significantly too.

The white crop top is from Supre. It cost me $15, which is pretty steep for a small blank shirt, but I was desperate. The shorts are from Portmans, I got them last week while I was back home in Melbourne, and they are a gift from God.

They have a super tight waist, but it comes with a hidden button too for security – I guess they know I’m not actually a size 6, shhhh – and so it feels great in the morning but certainly not after dinner AND dessert! They’re a light, ice blue with navy sewing around the hems and pockets. And what pockets they are too, might I add. Everything is so billowy and soft that you could wear them to sleep and not feel stupid about it.

I paired them with my favourite canvas shoes, a pair from seed that I never wore until I got to Brisbane. The stripes are small and light enough to be interesting without looking like you’ve trampled a zebra. People usually have concerns about hard soles with canvas shoes, but these ones are SO soft; you feel like you’re walking on thick felt.

Lastly, I chose my two staple pieces of jewellery to go with this outfit. They’re both white and/or silver, so they don’t attract too much attention, but give the outfit the shine it needs.

My ring is the silver Atlas Ring from Tiffany and Co, and my necklace is Pearl Hearts Charm from Pandora.  My mum had bought me matching earrings also from Pandora, but I lost one of them when I was in a car accident two years ago. Alas.

Pandora ||


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